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CDirect3D Class Reference

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struct  TLVERTEX

Public Member Functions

HRESULT InitializeDX (HWND, bool)
HRESULT LoadPixelShader (const char *, double, double, bool forced=false)
HRESULT Resize3DEnvironment (Bitu, Bitu, Bitu, Bitu, Bitu, Bitu, Bitu, Bitu, bool fullscreen=false)
bool LockTexture (Bit8u *&pixels, Bitu &pitch)
bool UnlockTexture (const Bit16u *changed)
 CDirect3D (Bitu width=640, Bitu height=400)
void UpdateRectFromSDLSurface (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void UpdateRectToSDLSurface (int x, int y, int w, int h)
bool getForceUpdate (void)

Public Attributes

DWORD dwTexHeight
DWORD dwTexWidth
bool square
bool pow2
bool dynamic
bool bpp16
Bit8s aspect
Bit8s autofit
bool psActive

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file direct3d.h.

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