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CommandLine Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  opt_style { dos = 0, gnu, gnu_getopt, either }

Public Member Functions

 CommandLine (int argc, char const *const argv[], enum opt_style opt=CommandLine::either)
 CommandLine (char const *const name, char const *const cmdline, enum opt_style opt=CommandLine::either)
const char * GetFileName ()
bool FindExist (char const *const name, bool remove=false)
bool FindHex (char const *const name, int &value, bool remove=false)
bool FindInt (char const *const name, int &value, bool remove=false)
bool FindString (char const *const name, std::string &value, bool remove=false)
bool FindCommand (unsigned int which, std::string &value)
bool FindStringBegin (char const *const begin, std::string &value, bool remove=false)
bool FindStringRemain (char const *const name, std::string &value)
bool FindStringRemainBegin (char const *const name, std::string &value)
bool GetStringRemain (std::string &value)
int GetParameterFromList (const char *const params[], std::vector< std::string > &output)
void FillVector (std::vector< std::string > &vector)
unsigned int GetCount (void)
void Shift (unsigned int amount=1)
Bit16u Get_arglength ()
bool BeginOpt (bool eat_argv=true)
bool GetOpt (std::string &name)
bool NextOptArgv (std::string &argv)
bool GetOptGNUSingleCharCheck (std::string &name)
void ChangeOptStyle (enum opt_style opt_style)
void EndOpt ()
bool GetCurrentArgv (std::string &argv)
bool CurrentArgvEnd (void)
void EatCurrentArgv (void)
void NextArgv (void)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file programs.h.

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