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DOS_Drive Class Reference
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fatDrive isoDrive localDrive Virtual_Drive cdromDrive physfsDrive physfscdromDrive

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool FileOpen (DOS_File **file, const char *name, Bit32u flags)=0
virtual bool FileCreate (DOS_File **file, const char *name, Bit16u attributes)=0
virtual bool FileUnlink (const char *_name)=0
virtual bool RemoveDir (const char *_dir)=0
virtual bool MakeDir (const char *_dir)=0
virtual bool TestDir (const char *_dir)=0
virtual bool FindFirst (const char *_dir, DOS_DTA &dta, bool fcb_findfirst=false)=0
virtual bool FindNext (DOS_DTA &dta)=0
virtual bool GetFileAttr (const char *name, Bit16u *attr)=0
virtual bool Rename (const char *oldname, const char *newname)=0
virtual bool AllocationInfo (Bit16u *_bytes_sector, Bit8u *_sectors_cluster, Bit16u *_total_clusters, Bit16u *_free_clusters)=0
virtual bool FileExists (const char *name)=0
virtual bool FileStat (const char *name, FileStat_Block *const stat_block)=0
virtual Bit8u GetMediaByte (void)=0
virtual void SetDir (const char *path)
virtual bool isRemote (void)=0
virtual bool isRemovable (void)=0
virtual Bits UnMount (void)=0
virtual void * opendir (const char *dir)
virtual void closedir (void *handle)
virtual bool read_directory_first (void *handle, char *entry_name, bool &is_directory)
virtual bool read_directory_next (void *handle, char *entry_name, bool &is_directory)
virtual const char * GetInfo (void)
char * GetBaseDir (void)
virtual char const * GetLabel ()
virtual void SetLabel (const char *label, bool iscdrom, bool updatable)
virtual void EmptyCache ()
virtual void MediaChange ()
virtual void Activate (void)

Public Attributes

bool readonly
bool nocachedir
char curdir [DOS_PATHLENGTH]
char info [256]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 238 of file dos_system.h.

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