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DmaChannel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 DmaChannel (Bit8u num, bool dma16)
void DoCallBack (DMAEvent event)
void SetMask (bool _mask)
void Set128KMode (bool en)
void Register_Callback (DMA_CallBack _cb)
void ReachedTC (void)
void SetPage (Bit8u val)
void Raise_Request (void)
void Clear_Request (void)
Bitu Read (Bitu size, Bit8u *buffer)
Bitu Write (Bitu size, Bit8u *buffer)
void SaveState (std::ostream &stream)
void LoadState (std::istream &stream)

Public Attributes

Bit32u pagebase
Bit16u baseaddr
Bit32u curraddr
Bit16u basecnt
Bit16u currcnt
Bit8u channum
Bit8u pagenum
Bit8u DMA16
bool increment
bool autoinit
bool masked
bool tcount
bool request
DMA_CallBack callback

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file dma.h.

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