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GUSChannels Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 GUSChannels (Bit8u num)
void WriteWaveFreq (Bit16u val)
void WriteWaveCtrl (Bit8u val)
INLINE Bit8u ReadWaveCtrl (void)
void UpdateWaveRamp (void)
void WritePanPot (Bit8u val)
Bit8u ReadPanPot (void)
void WriteRampCtrl (Bit8u val)
INLINE Bit8u ReadRampCtrl (void)
void WriteRampRate (Bit8u val)
INLINE void WaveUpdate (void)
INLINE void UpdateVolumes (void)
INLINE void RampUpdate (void)
void generateSamples (Bit32s *stream, Bit32u len)

Public Attributes

Bit32u WaveStart
Bit32u WaveEnd
Bit32u WaveAddr
Bit32u WaveAdd
Bit8u WaveCtrl
Bit16u WaveFreq
Bit32u RampStart
Bit32u RampEnd
Bit32u RampVol
Bit32u RampAdd
Bit8u RampRate
Bit8u RampCtrl
Bit8u PanPot
Bit8u channum
Bit32u irqmask
Bit32u PanLeft
Bit32u PanRight
Bit32s VolLeft
Bit32s VolRight

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