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Property Class Reference
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struct  Changeable

Public Member Functions

 Property (std::string const &_propname, Changeable::Value when)
void Set_values (const char *const *in)
void Set_help (std::string const &str)
char const * Get_help ()
virtual bool SetValue (std::string const &str)=0
Value const & GetValue () const
Value const & Get_Default_Value () const
virtual bool CheckValue (Value const &in, bool warn)
bool SetVal (Value const &in, bool forced, bool warn=true, bool init=false)
virtual const std::vector
< Value > & 
GetValues () const
Value::Etype Get_type ()
Changeable::Value getChange ()
bool modified () const

Public Attributes

const std::string propname

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< Value >

Protected Attributes

Value value
bool is_modified
std::vector< Valuesuggested_values
Value default_value
const Changeable::Value change
bool use_global_config_str
std::string help_string

Detailed Description

Definition at line 120 of file setup.h.

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