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SID2 Class Reference

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class  State

Public Member Functions

void set_chip_model (chip_model model)
void enable_filter (bool enable)
void enable_external_filter (bool enable)
bool set_sampling_parameters (double clock_freq, sampling_method method, double sample_freq, double pass_freq, double filter_scale)
void adjust_sampling_frequency (double sample_freq)
void fc_default (const fc_point *&points, int &count)
PointPlotter< sound_sample > fc_plotter ()
void clock ()
void clock (cycle_count delta_t)
int clock (cycle_count &delta_t, short *buf, int n, int interleave=1)
void reset ()
reg8 read (reg8 offset)
void write (reg8 offset, reg8 value)
State read_state ()
void write_state (const State &state)
void input (int sample)
int output ()
int output (int bits)
void SaveState (std::ostream &stream)
void LoadState (std::istream &stream)

Protected Member Functions

RESID_INLINE int clock_fast (cycle_count &delta_t, short *buf, int n, int interleave)
RESID_INLINE int clock_interpolate (cycle_count &delta_t, short *buf, int n, int interleave)
RESID_INLINE int clock_resample_interpolate (cycle_count &delta_t, short *buf, int n, int interleave)
RESID_INLINE int clock_resample_fast (cycle_count &delta_t, short *buf, int n, int interleave)

Static Protected Member Functions

static double I0 (double x)

Protected Attributes

Voice voice [3]
Filter filter
ExternalFilter extfilt
Potentiometer potx
Potentiometer poty
reg8 bus_value
cycle_count bus_value_ttl
double clock_frequency
int ext_in
sampling_method sampling
cycle_count cycles_per_sample
cycle_count sample_offset
int sample_index
short sample_prev
int fir_N
int fir_RES
short * sample
short * fir

Static Protected Attributes

static const int FIR_N = 125
static const int FIR_RES_INTERPOLATE = 285
static const int FIR_RES_FAST = 51473
static const int FIR_SHIFT = 15
static const int RINGSIZE = 16384
static const int FIXP_SHIFT = 16
static const int FIXP_MASK = 0xffff

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file sid.h.

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