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VideoCodec Class Reference

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struct  CodecVector
struct  FrameBlock
struct  KeyframeHeader

Public Member Functions

bool SetupCompress (int _width, int _height)
bool SetupDecompress (int _width, int _height)
zmbv_format_t BPPFormat (int bpp)
int NeededSize (int _width, int _height, zmbv_format_t _format)
void CompressLines (int lineCount, void *lineData[])
bool PrepareCompressFrame (int flags, zmbv_format_t _format, char *pal, void *writeBuf, int writeSize)
int FinishCompressFrame (void)
bool DecompressFrame (void *framedata, int size)
void Output_UpsideDown_24 (void *output)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file zmbv.h.

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