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_IconvBase< srcT, dstT > Class Template Reference
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Public Types

typedef std::basic_string< srcT > src_string
typedef std::basic_string< dstT > dst_string

Public Member Functions

void finish (void)
void set_dest (dstT *const dst, dstT *const dst_fence)
void set_dest (dstT *const dst, const size_t len)
void set_dest (dstT *const dst)
void set_src (const srcT *const src, const srcT *const src_fence)
void set_src (const srcT *const src, const size_t len)
void set_src (const srcT *const src)
virtual int _do_convert (void)
int string_convert (dst_string &dst, const src_string &src)
int string_convert (void)
int string_convert_dest (dst_string &dst)
int string_convert_src (const src_string &src)
dst_string string_convert (const src_string &src)
bool eof (void) const
bool eof_dest (void) const
const srcT * get_srcp (void) const
const dstT * get_destp (void) const

Protected Member Functions

void set_dest (dst_string &dst)
void set_src (const src_string &src)

Static Protected Member Functions

static size_t my_strlen (const char *s)
static size_t my_strlen (const wchar_t *s)
template<typename X >
static size_t my_strlen (const X *s)

Protected Attributes

dstT * dst_ptr = NULL
dstT * dst_ptr_fence = NULL
const srcT * src_ptr = NULL
const srcT * src_ptr_fence = NULL
friend _Iconv< srcT, dstT >

Detailed Description

template<typename srcT, typename dstT>
class _IconvBase< srcT, dstT >

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