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imageDisk Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  IMAGE_TYPE {

Public Member Functions

virtual Bit8u Read_Sector (Bit32u head, Bit32u cylinder, Bit32u sector, void *data, unsigned int req_sector_size=0)
virtual Bit8u Write_Sector (Bit32u head, Bit32u cylinder, Bit32u sector, const void *data, unsigned int req_sector_size=0)
virtual Bit8u Read_AbsoluteSector (Bit32u sectnum, void *data)
virtual Bit8u Write_AbsoluteSector (Bit32u sectnum, const void *data)
virtual void Set_Reserved_Cylinders (Bitu resCyl)
virtual Bit32u Get_Reserved_Cylinders ()
virtual void Set_Geometry (Bit32u setHeads, Bit32u setCyl, Bit32u setSect, Bit32u setSectSize)
virtual void Get_Geometry (Bit32u *getHeads, Bit32u *getCyl, Bit32u *getSect, Bit32u *getSectSize)
virtual Bit8u GetBiosType (void)
virtual Bit32u getSectSize (void)
 imageDisk (FILE *imgFile, Bit8u *imgName, Bit32u imgSizeK, bool isHardDisk)
 imageDisk (FILE *diskimg, const char *diskName, Bit32u cylinders, Bit32u heads, Bit32u sectors, Bit32u sector_size, bool hardDrive)
int Addref ()
int Release ()

Public Attributes

IMAGE_TYPE class_id
std::string diskname
bool active
Bit32u sector_size
Bit32u heads
Bit32u cylinders
Bit32u sectors
bool hardDrive
Bit64u diskSizeK

Protected Member Functions

 imageDisk (IMAGE_TYPE class_id)

Protected Attributes

FILE * diskimg
Bit8u floppytype
Bit32u reserved_cylinders
Bit64u image_base
Bit64u image_length

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file bios_disk.h.

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