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DOS_Block Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

Bit16u psp ()
void psp (Bit16u _seg)
RealPt dta ()
void dta (RealPt _dta)

Public Attributes

DOS_Date date
DOS_Version version
Bit16u firstMCB
Bit16u errorcode
Bit8u return_code
Bit8u return_mode
Bit8u current_drive
bool verify
bool breakcheck
bool echo
struct {
   RealPt   mediaid
   RealPt   tempdta
   RealPt   tempdta_fcbdelete
   RealPt   dbcs
   RealPt   filenamechar
   RealPt   collatingseq
   RealPt   upcase
   Bit8u *   country
   Bit16u   dpb
Bit16u loaded_codepage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 687 of file dos_inc.h.

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