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GFGus Struct Reference

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struct  GusTimer

Public Member Functions

void updateMasterVolume (void)

Public Attributes

Bit8u gRegSelectData
Bit8u gRegSelect
Bit16u gRegData
Bit32u gDramAddr
Bit32u gDramAddrMask
Bit16u gCurChannel
Bit8u gUltraMAXControl
Bit8u DMAControl
Bit16u dmaAddr
Bit8u dmaAddrOffset
Bit8u TimerControl
Bit8u SampControl
Bit8u mixControl
Bit8u ActiveChannels
Bit8u ActiveChannelsUser
Bit8u gRegControl
Bit32u basefreq
struct GFGus::GusTimer timers [2]
Bit32u rate
Bitu portbase
Bit32u memsize
Bit8u dma1
Bit8u dma2
Bit8u irq1
Bit8u irq2
bool irqenabled
bool ChangeIRQDMA
bool initUnmaskDMA
bool force_master_irq_enable
bool fixed_sample_rate_output
bool clearTCIfPollingIRQStatus
double lastIRQStatusPollAt
int lastIRQStatusPollRapidCount
Bit8u IRQStatus
Bit32u ActiveMask
Bit8u IRQChan
Bit32u RampIRQ
Bit32u WaveIRQ
double masterVolume
Bit32s masterVolumeMul

Detailed Description

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