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PIC_Controller Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

void set_imr (Bit8u val)
void check_after_EOI ()
void update_active_irq ()
void check_for_irq ()
void activate ()
void deactivate ()
void raise_irq (Bit8u val)
void lower_irq (Bit8u val)
void start_irq (Bit8u val)

Public Attributes

Bitu icw_words
Bitu icw_index
bool special
bool auto_eoi
bool rotate_on_auto_eoi
bool single
bool request_issr
Bit8u vector_base
Bit8u irr
Bit8u imr
Bit8u imrr
Bit8u isr
Bit8u isrr
Bit8u isr_ignore
Bit8u active_irq

Detailed Description

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