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Public Attributes
VGA_Crtc Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

Bit8u horizontal_total
Bit8u horizontal_display_end
Bit8u start_horizontal_blanking
Bit8u end_horizontal_blanking
Bit8u start_horizontal_retrace
Bit8u end_horizontal_retrace
Bit8u vertical_total
Bit8u overflow
Bit8u preset_row_scan
Bit8u maximum_scan_line
Bit8u cursor_start
Bit8u cursor_end
Bit8u start_address_high
Bit8u start_address_low
Bit8u cursor_location_high
Bit8u cursor_location_low
Bit8u vertical_retrace_start
Bit8u vertical_retrace_end
Bit8u vertical_display_end
Bit8u offset
Bit8u underline_location
Bit8u start_vertical_blanking
Bit8u end_vertical_blanking
Bit8u mode_control
Bit8u line_compare
Bit8u index
bool read_only

Detailed Description

Definition at line 331 of file vga.h.

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