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Public Attributes
VGA_S3 Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

Bit8u reg_lock1
Bit8u reg_lock2
Bit8u reg_31
Bit8u reg_35
Bit8u reg_36
Bit8u reg_3a
Bit8u reg_40
Bit8u reg_41
Bit8u reg_42
Bit8u reg_43
Bit8u reg_45
Bit8u reg_50
Bit8u reg_51
Bit8u reg_52
Bit8u reg_55
Bit8u reg_58
Bit8u reg_6b
Bit8u ex_hor_overflow
Bit8u ex_ver_overflow
Bit16u la_window
Bit8u misc_control_2
Bit8u ext_mem_ctrl
Bitu xga_screen_width
VGAModes xga_color_mode
struct {
   Bit8u   r
   Bit8u   n
   Bit8u   m
clk [4]
struct {
   Bit8u   r
   Bit8u   n
   Bit8u   m
mclk [4]
struct {
   Bit8u   lock
   Bit8u   cmd

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