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Public Attributes
_PCM86 Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

SINT32 divremain
SINT32 div
SINT32 div2
SINT32 smp
SINT32 lastsmp
SINT32 smp_l
SINT32 lastsmp_l
SINT32 smp_r
SINT32 lastsmp_r
UINT32 readpos
UINT32 wrtpos
SINT32 realbuf
SINT32 virbuf
SINT32 rescue
SINT32 fifosize
SINT32 volume
SINT32 vol5
UINT32 lastclock
UINT32 stepclock
UINT stepmask
UINT8 fifo
UINT8 extfunc
UINT8 dactrl
UINT8 _write
UINT8 stepbit
UINT8 reqirq
UINT8 irqflag
UINT8 padding [1]
UINT8 buffer [PCM86_BUFSIZE]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file pcm86.h.

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