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Public Attributes
_tmu_state Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

UINT8 * ram
UINT32 mask
bool regdirty
UINT32 texaddr_mask
UINT8 texaddr_shift
INT64 starts
INT64 startt
INT64 startw
INT64 dsdx
INT64 dtdx
INT64 dwdx
INT64 dsdy
INT64 dtdy
INT64 dwdy
INT32 lodmin
INT32 lodmax
INT32 lodbias
UINT32 lodmask
UINT32 lodoffset [9]
INT32 detailmax
INT32 detailbias
UINT8 detailscale
UINT32 wmask
UINT32 hmask
UINT8 bilinear_mask
ncc_table ncc [2]
rgb_t * lookup
rgb_t * texel [16]
rgb_t palette [256]
rgb_t palettea [256]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 570 of file voodoo_data.h.

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