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Public Attributes
drflac Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

drflac_meta_proc onMeta
void * pUserDataMD
drflac_allocation_callbacks allocationCallbacks
drflac_uint32 sampleRate
drflac_uint8 channels
drflac_uint8 bitsPerSample
drflac_uint16 maxBlockSizeInPCMFrames
drflac_uint64 totalPCMFrameCount
drflac_container container
drflac_uint32 seekpointCount
drflac_frame currentFLACFrame
drflac_uint64 currentPCMFrame
drflac_uint64 firstFLACFramePosInBytes
drflac__memory_stream memoryStream
drflac_int32 * pDecodedSamples
void * _oggbs
drflac_bool32 _noSeekTableSeek: 1
drflac_bool32 _noBinarySearchSeek: 1
drflac_bool32 _noBruteForceSeek: 1
drflac_bs bs
drflac_uint8 pExtraData [1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 685 of file dr_flac.h.

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