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Public Attributes
drmp3 Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

drmp3dec decoder
drmp3dec_frame_info frameInfo
drmp3_uint32 channels
drmp3_uint32 sampleRate
drmp3_read_proc onRead
drmp3_seek_proc onSeek
void * pUserData
drmp3_allocation_callbacks allocationCallbacks
drmp3_uint32 mp3FrameChannels
drmp3_uint32 mp3FrameSampleRate
drmp3_uint32 pcmFramesConsumedInMP3Frame
drmp3_uint32 pcmFramesRemainingInMP3Frame
drmp3_uint8 pcmFrames [sizeof(float)*DRMP3_MAX_SAMPLES_PER_FRAME]
drmp3_uint64 currentPCMFrame
drmp3_uint64 streamCursor
drmp3_uint32 seekPointCount
size_t dataSize
size_t dataCapacity
size_t dataConsumed
drmp3_uint8 * pData
drmp3_bool32 atEnd: 1
struct {
   const drmp3_uint8 *   pData
   size_t   dataSize
   size_t   currentReadPos

Detailed Description

Definition at line 347 of file dr_mp3.h.

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