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DOSBox-X supports many internal or external MS-DOS commands. Also, DOSBox-X offers additional commands such as BOOT, MOUNT and RESCAN, which are not found in MS-DOS or compatibles. Internal commands are built into the DOSBox-X command shell whereas external commands appear as programs on the Z: drive (in subdirectories of this drive as of DOSBox-X version 0.83.14).

Below is a list of internal and external commands built into DOSBox-X. For all internal commands and some external commands, you can type command /? or HELP command for more help information on this command, e.g. DIR /? for help information on DIR command.

The following commands are for switching modes in the text mode:

The following commands are for debugging purposes (many of them only available on builds that have the debugging feature enabled):

Note: As of DOSBox-X version 0.83.6, you can customize the external commands as appeared on the Z: drive. For example, you can add your favorite DOS programs to the drivez directory, which will add to or replace existing programs on the Z: drive. As of DOSBox-X version 0.83.14, support for one-level subdirectories on the Z: drive is also added.