Installing Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition in DOSBox-X


CD-ROM editions this applies to

  • Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME)

General guidance

There is no specific guide at this point for installing Windows ME in DOSBox-X, as Windows ME is not currently supported. It is possible to install Windows ME in DOSBox-X, but you are likely to quickly encounter problems.

Since generally Windows 98SE is considered more compatible with games of the era, that is what is recommended if you want to play Windows 9x games in DOSBox-X.

If you have the technical skills, and want to assist in improving DOSBox-X, assistance with fixing bugs that happen with Windows ME is welcome.

Some notes if you want to proceed

  • Follow the Windows 98 installation guide as the process is similar.

  • It is recommended by DOSBox-X developers that at this time, you do not enable int13fakev86io in your config file when using Windows ME.

  • You may want to use the Windows ME Full OEM version, if possible, as its CD-ROM is bootable.

  • When booting for the first time from the CD, exit to DOS with CD-ROM support, and start installation using SETUP.EXE /NM to bypass an error that you must have a 150MHz CPU

A few known issues after installation:

  • In device manager, a problem with APM support: "The VPOWER.XVD device driver(s) for this device could not load the device driver. (Code 2.)".

  • Under Performance, it complains about "Compatibility-mode paging" and that both drive A and C are "using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system".

  • SB16 may not be automatically detected, due to missing PnP support for the emulated SB16. Running the "Add hardware wizard" should take care of it.

  • NE2000 adapter is not automatically detected, and even if you manually add it, it takes the wrong resources (which needs to be adjusted in device manager).

  • As mentioned, Windows Protection errors. It seems that the likelihood of encountering Windows Protection Errors is significantly decreased by setting cycles=60000 in the [cpu] section of your DOSBox-X config file.