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CDROM_Interface Class Reference

Base CD-ROM interface class. More...

#include <cdrom.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool SetDevice (char *path, int forceCD)=0
 Set the device associated with this interface, if supported by emulation.
virtual bool GetUPC (unsigned char &attr, char *upc)=0
 Get UPC string from the CD-ROM.
virtual bool GetAudioTracks (int &stTrack, int &end, TMSF &leadOut)=0
 Retrieve start and end tracks and lead out position.
virtual bool GetAudioTrackInfo (int track, TMSF &start, unsigned char &attr)=0
 Retrieve start and attributes for a specific track.
virtual bool GetAudioSub (unsigned char &attr, unsigned char &track, unsigned char &index, TMSF &relPos, TMSF &absPos)=0
 Get subchannel data of the sectors at the current position, and retrieve current position.
virtual bool GetAudioStatus (bool &playing, bool &pause)=0
 Get audio playback status.
virtual bool GetMediaTrayStatus (bool &mediaPresent, bool &mediaChanged, bool &trayOpen)=0
 Get media tray status.
virtual bool PlayAudioSector (unsigned long start, unsigned long len)=0
 Initiate audio playback starting at sector and for how many.
virtual bool PauseAudio (bool resume)=0
 Pause audio playback.
virtual bool StopAudio (void)=0
 Stop audio playback.
virtual void ChannelControl (TCtrl ctrl)=0
 Set channel control data (TODO: clarify)
virtual bool ReadSectors (PhysPt buffer, bool raw, unsigned long sector, unsigned long num)=0
 Read sector data into guest memory.
virtual bool ReadSectorsHost (void *buffer, bool raw, unsigned long sector, unsigned long num)=0
 Read sector data into host memory (for IDE emulation)
virtual bool LoadUnloadMedia (bool unload)=0
 Load (close/spin up) or unload (eject/spin down) media.
virtual void InitNewMedia (void)

Detailed Description

Base CD-ROM interface class.

This provides the base C++ class for a CD-ROM interface in CD-ROM emulation

Definition at line 84 of file cdrom.h.

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