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Public Member Functions
CDROM_Interface_Fake Class Reference

Dummy CD-ROM interface. More...

#include <cdrom.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool SetDevice (char *, int)
 Set the device associated with this interface, if supported by emulation.
bool GetUPC (unsigned char &attr, char *upc)
 Get UPC string from the CD-ROM.
bool GetAudioTracks (int &stTrack, int &end, TMSF &leadOut)
 Retrieve start and end tracks and lead out position.
bool GetAudioTrackInfo (int track, TMSF &start, unsigned char &attr)
 Retrieve start and attributes for a specific track.
bool GetAudioSub (unsigned char &attr, unsigned char &track, unsigned char &index, TMSF &relPos, TMSF &absPos)
 Get subchannel data of the sectors at the current position, and retrieve current position.
bool GetAudioStatus (bool &playing, bool &pause)
 Get audio playback status.
bool GetMediaTrayStatus (bool &mediaPresent, bool &mediaChanged, bool &trayOpen)
 Get media tray status.
bool PlayAudioSector (unsigned long, unsigned long)
 Initiate audio playback starting at sector and for how many.
bool PauseAudio (bool)
 Pause audio playback.
bool StopAudio (void)
 Stop audio playback.
void ChannelControl (TCtrl ctrl)
 Set channel control data (TODO: clarify)
bool ReadSectors (PhysPt, bool, unsigned long, unsigned long)
 Read sector data into guest memory.
bool ReadSectorsHost (void *buffer, bool raw, unsigned long sector, unsigned long num)
 Read sector data into host memory (for IDE emulation)
bool LoadUnloadMedia (bool)
 Load (close/spin up) or unload (eject/spin down) media.

Detailed Description

Dummy CD-ROM interface.

CD-ROM emulation when no actual emulation is available

Definition at line 180 of file cdrom.h.

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