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CFileLPT Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CFileLPT (Bitu nr, Bit8u initIrq, CommandLine *cmd)
bool OpenFile ()
Bitu Read_PR ()
Bitu Read_COM ()
Bitu Read_SR ()
void Write_PR (Bitu)
void Write_CON (Bitu)
void Write_IOSEL (Bitu)
bool Putchar (Bit8u)
virtual void handleUpperEvent (Bit16u type)

Public Attributes

bool InstallationSuccessful
bool fileOpen
DFTYPE filetype
FILE * file
std::string name
bool addFF
bool addLF
Bit8u lastChar
const Bit16u * codepage_ptr
bool ack_polarity
Bit8u datareg
Bit8u controlreg
bool autofeed
bool ack
unsigned int timeout
Bitu lastUsedTick

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file filelpt.h.

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