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CJAxisEvent Class Reference

Joystick axis event handling for the mapper. More...

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CContinuousEvent CEvent

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Public Member Functions

 CJAxisEvent (char const *const _entry, Bitu _stick, Bitu _axis, bool _positive, CJAxisEvent *_opposite_axis)
 Constructor, to describe entry, joystick, axis, direction, and the opposing axis.
virtual void Active (bool)
 Change whether the event is activated or not.
virtual Bitu GetActivityCount (void)
 Retrieve activity counter.
virtual void RepostActivity (void)
 Re-post activity.
void notifybutton (CTextButton *n)
 Associate this object with a text button in the mapper GUI so that joystick position can be displayed at all times.

Public Attributes

 Text button to use to display joystick position.

Protected Member Functions

void SetOppositeAxis (CJAxisEvent *_opposite_axis)
 Associate this object with the opposing joystick axis.

Protected Attributes

Bitu stick
 Joystick to follow.
Bitu axis
 Joystick axis to track.
bool positive
 Whether joystick axis is positive or negative.
 Opposing joystick axis object.

Detailed Description

Joystick axis event handling for the mapper.

Definition at line 2190 of file sdl_mapper.cpp.

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