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CMscdex Class Reference

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struct  SDriveInfo

Public Types

typedef struct CMscdex::SDriveInfo TDriveInfo

Public Member Functions

Bit16u GetVersion (void)
Bit16u GetNumDrives (void)
Bit16u GetFirstDrive (void)
Bit8u GetSubUnit (Bit16u _drive)
bool GetUPC (Bit8u subUnit, Bit8u &attr, char *upc)
void InitNewMedia (Bit8u subUnit)
bool PlayAudioSector (Bit8u subUnit, Bit32u start, Bit32u length)
bool PlayAudioMSF (Bit8u subUnit, Bit32u start, Bit32u length)
bool StopAudio (Bit8u subUnit)
bool GetAudioStatus (Bit8u subUnit, bool &playing, bool &pause, TMSF &start, TMSF &end)
bool GetSubChannelData (Bit8u subUnit, Bit8u &attr, Bit8u &track, Bit8u &index, TMSF &rel, TMSF &abs)
int RemoveDrive (Bit16u _drive)
int AddDrive (Bit16u _drive, char *physicalPath, Bit8u &subUnit)
bool HasDrive (Bit16u drive)
void ReplaceDrive (CDROM_Interface *newCdrom, Bit8u subUnit)
void GetDrives (PhysPt data)
void GetDriverInfo (PhysPt data)
bool GetVolumeName (Bit8u subUnit, char *name)
bool GetCopyrightName (Bit16u drive, PhysPt data)
bool GetAbstractName (Bit16u drive, PhysPt data)
bool GetDocumentationName (Bit16u drive, PhysPt data)
bool GetDirectoryEntry (Bit16u drive, bool copyFlag, PhysPt pathname, PhysPt buffer, Bit16u &error)
bool ReadVTOC (Bit16u drive, Bit16u volume, PhysPt data, Bit16u &offset, Bit16u &error)
bool ReadSectors (Bit16u drive, Bit32u sector, Bit16u num, PhysPt data)
bool ReadSectors (Bit8u subUnit, bool raw, Bit32u sector, Bit16u num, PhysPt data)
bool ReadSectorsMSF (Bit8u subUnit, bool raw, Bit32u sector, Bit16u num, PhysPt data)
bool SendDriverRequest (Bit16u drive, PhysPt data)
bool IsValidDrive (Bit16u drive)
bool GetCDInfo (Bit8u subUnit, Bit8u &tr1, Bit8u &tr2, TMSF &leadOut)
Bit32u GetVolumeSize (Bit8u subUnit)
bool GetTrackInfo (Bit8u subUnit, Bit8u track, Bit8u &attr, TMSF &start)
Bit16u GetStatusWord (Bit8u subUnit, Bit16u status)
bool GetCurrentPos (Bit8u subUnit, TMSF &pos)
Bit32u GetDeviceStatus (Bit8u subUnit)
bool GetMediaStatus (Bit8u subUnit, Bit8u &status)
bool LoadUnloadMedia (Bit8u subUnit, bool unload)
bool ResumeAudio (Bit8u subUnit)
bool GetMediaStatus (Bit8u subUnit, bool &media, bool &changed, bool &trayOpen)
PhysPt GetDefaultBuffer (void)
PhysPt GetTempBuffer (void)
void SaveState (std::ostream &stream)
void LoadState (std::istream &stream)
bool ChannelControl (Bit8u subUnit, TCtrl ctrl)
bool GetChannelControl (Bit8u subUnit, TCtrl &ctrl)

Public Attributes

Bit16u numDrives
Bit16u defaultBufSeg
TDriveInfo dinfo [MSCDEX_MAX_DRIVES]
Bit16u rootDriverHeaderSeg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 90 of file dos_mscdex.cpp.

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