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CSerial Class Reference
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CSerialDummy CSerialLog CSerialMouse

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Public Member Functions

void log_ser (bool active, char const *format,...)
 CSerial (Bitu id, CommandLine *cmd)
void changeLineProperties ()
void setEvent (Bit16u type, float duration)
void removeEvent (Bit16u type)
void handleEvent (Bit16u type)
virtual void handleUpperEvent (Bit16u type)=0
virtual void updateMSR ()=0
bool getDTR ()
bool getRTS ()
bool getRI ()
bool getCD ()
bool getDSR ()
bool getCTS ()
void setRI (bool value)
void setDSR (bool value)
void setCD (bool value)
void setCTS (bool value)
virtual void setRTSDTR (bool rts, bool dtr)=0
virtual void setRTS (bool val)=0
virtual void setDTR (bool val)=0
void Write_THR (Bit8u data)
void Write_IER (Bit8u data)
void Write_FCR (Bit8u data)
void Write_LCR (Bit8u data)
void Write_MCR (Bit8u data)
void Write_MSR (Bit8u data)
void Write_SPR (Bit8u data)
void Write_reserved (Bit8u data, Bit8u address)
Bitu Read_RHR ()
Bitu Read_IER ()
Bitu Read_ISR ()
Bitu Read_LCR ()
Bitu Read_MCR ()
Bitu Read_LSR ()
Bitu Read_MSR ()
Bitu Read_SPR ()
void receiveByte (Bit8u data)
void receiveByteEx (Bit8u data, Bit8u error)
void receiveError (Bit8u errorword)
bool CanReceiveByte ()
void ByteTransmitting ()
void ByteTransmitted ()
virtual void transmitByte (Bit8u val, bool first)=0
virtual void setBreak (bool value)=0
virtual void updatePortConfig (Bit16u divider, Bit8u lcr)=0
void Init_Registers ()
bool Putchar (Bit8u data, bool wait_dtr, bool wait_rts, Bitu timeout)
bool Getchar (Bit8u *data, Bit8u *lsr, bool wait_dsr, Bitu timeout)
void registerDOSDevice ()
void unregisterDOSDevice ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool getBituSubstring (const char *name, Bitu *data, CommandLine *cmd)

Public Attributes

FILE * debugfp
bool dbg_modemcontrol
bool dbg_serialtraffic
bool dbg_register
bool dbg_interrupt
bool dbg_aux
bool InstallationSuccessful
IO_ReadHandleObject ReadHandler [8]
IO_WriteHandleObject WriteHandler [8]
float bytetime
Bitu idnumber
Bitu irq
Bit8u LCR
Bit8u LSR

Detailed Description

Definition at line 128 of file serialport.h.

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