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CodePageHandlerDynRec Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void SetupAt (Bitu _phys_page, PageHandler *_old_pagehandler)
bool InvalidateRange (Bitu start, Bitu end)
void writeb (PhysPt addr, Bit8u val)
void writew (PhysPt addr, Bit16u val)
void writed (PhysPt addr, Bit32u val)
bool writeb_checked (PhysPt addr, Bit8u val)
bool writew_checked (PhysPt addr, Bit16u val)
bool writed_checked (PhysPt addr, Bit32u val)
void AddCacheBlock (CacheBlockDynRec *block)
void AddCrossBlock (CacheBlockDynRec *block)
void DelCacheBlock (CacheBlockDynRec *block)
void Release (void)
void ClearRelease (void)
CacheBlockDynRecFindCacheBlock (Bitu start)
HostPt GetHostReadPt (Bitu phys_page)
HostPt GetHostWritePt (Bitu phys_page)

Public Attributes

Bit8u write_map [4096] = {}
Bit8u * invalidation_map = NULL
CodePageHandlerDynRecnext = NULL
CodePageHandlerDynRecprev = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file cache.h.

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