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Config Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Config (CommandLine *cmd)
Section_lineAddSection_line (char const *const _name, void(*_initfunction)(Section *))
Section_propAddSection_prop (char const *const _name, void(*_initfunction)(Section *), bool canchange=false)
SectionGetSection (int index)
SectionGetSection (std::string const &_sectionname) const
SectionGetSectionFromProperty (char const *const prop) const
bool PrintConfig (char const *const configfilename, bool everything=false) const
bool ParseConfigFile (char const *const configfilename)
void ParseEnv (char **envp)
bool SecureMode () const
void SwitchToSecureMode ()

Public Attributes

bool initialised
std::vector< std::string > auto_bat_additional
std::vector< std::string > startup_params
std::vector< std::string > configfiles
bool opt_log_con
double opt_time_limit
std::string opt_editconf
std::string opt_opensaves
std::string opt_opencaptures
std::string opt_lang
std::vector< std::string > config_file_list
std::vector< std::string > opt_c
bool opt_disable_dpi_awareness
bool opt_disable_numlock_check
bool opt_date_host_forced
bool opt_fastbioslogo
bool opt_break_start
bool opt_erasemapper
bool opt_resetmapper
bool opt_startmapper
bool opt_noautoexec
bool opt_securemode
bool opt_fullscreen
bool opt_showcycles
bool opt_earlydebug
bool opt_noconsole
bool opt_eraseconf
bool opt_resetconf
bool opt_printconf
bool opt_userconf
bool opt_console
bool opt_startui
bool opt_showrt
bool opt_nomenu
bool opt_debug
bool opt_nogui
bool opt_exit

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file control.h.

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