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DOSBoxMenu::item Class Reference

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struct  status

Public Member Functions

void removeFocus (DOSBoxMenu &menu)
void removeHover (DOSBoxMenu &menu)
void drawMenuItem (DOSBoxMenu &menu)
void showItem (DOSBoxMenu &menu, bool show=true)
itemsetHover (DOSBoxMenu &menu, bool ho=true)
itemsetHilight (DOSBoxMenu &menu, bool hi=true)
void placeItem (DOSBoxMenu &menu, int x, int y, bool isTopLevel=false)
void placeItemFinal (DOSBoxMenu &menu, int finalwidth, bool isTopLevel=false)
void layoutSubmenu (DOSBoxMenu &menu, bool isTopLevel=false)
void updateScreenFromPopup (DOSBoxMenu &menu)
void updateScreenFromItem (DOSBoxMenu &menu)
void drawBackground (DOSBoxMenu &menu)
bool isHilight (void) const
bool checkResetRedraw (void)
const std::string & get_name (void) const
item_handle_t get_master_id (void) const
bool is_allocated (void) const
bool has_vis_text (void) const
bool has_vis_shortcut_text (void) const
bool has_vis_description (void) const
bool has_vis_accelerator (void) const
bool has_vis_enabled (void) const
bool can_enable (void) const
bool has_vis_checked (void) const
bool can_check (void) const
void refresh_item (DOSBoxMenu &menu)
bool has_changed (void) const
void clear_changed (void)
itemcheck (const bool f=true)
bool is_checked (void) const
itemenable (const bool f=true)
bool is_enabled (void) const
item_type_t get_type (void) const
void set_type (const item_type_t t)
callback_t get_callback_function (void) const
itemset_callback_function (const callback_t f)
mapper_event_t get_mapper_event (void) const
itemset_mapper_event (const mapper_event_t e)
const std::string & get_text (void) const
itemset_text (const std::string &str)
const std::string & get_shortcut_text (void) const
itemset_shortcut_text (const std::string &str)
const std::string & get_description (void) const
itemset_description (const std::string &str)
struct acceleratorget_accelerator (void) const
itemset_accelerator (const struct accelerator &str)

Public Attributes

displaylist display_list
uint64_t user_defined = 0

Protected Member Functions

itemallocate (const item_handle_t id, const enum item_type_t type, const std::string &name)
void deallocate (void)

Protected Attributes

std::string name
std::string text
std::string shortcut_text
std::string description
struct accelerator accelerator
item_handle_t parent_id = unassigned_item_handle
item_handle_t master_id = unassigned_item_handle
enum item_type_t type = item_type_id
struct DOSBoxMenu::item::status status
callback_t callback_func = unassigned_callback
mapper_event_t mapper_event = unassigned_mapper_event
SDL_Rect screenBox = {0,0,0,0}
SDL_Rect checkBox = {0,0,0,0}
SDL_Rect textBox = {0,0,0,0}
SDL_Rect shortBox = {0,0,0,0}
SDL_Rect popupBox = {0,0,0,0}
bool boxInit = false
bool itemHover = false
bool needRedraw = false
bool itemHilight = false
bool itemVisible = false
bool borderTop = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 188 of file menu.h.

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