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DOS_Drive_Cache Class Reference

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class  CFileInfo

Public Types

enum  TDirSort {

Public Member Functions

 DOS_Drive_Cache (const char *path, DOS_Drive *drive)
void SetBaseDir (const char *path, DOS_Drive *drive)
void SetDirSort (TDirSort sort)
bool OpenDir (const char *path, Bit16u &id)
bool ReadDir (Bit16u id, char *&result)
void ExpandName (char *path)
char * GetExpandName (const char *path)
bool GetShortName (const char *fullname, char *shortname)
bool FindFirst (char *path, Bit16u &id)
bool FindNext (Bit16u id, char *&result)
void CacheOut (const char *path, bool ignoreLastDir=false)
void AddEntry (const char *path, bool checkExist=false)
void DeleteEntry (const char *path, bool ignoreLastDir=false)
void EmptyCache (void)
void MediaChange (void)
void SetLabel (const char *name, bool cdrom, bool allowupdate)
char * GetLabel (void)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 146 of file dos_system.h.

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