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DOS_PSP Class Reference
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struct  sPSP

Public Member Functions

 DOS_PSP (Bit16u segment)
void MakeNew (Bit16u memSize)
void CopyFileTable (DOS_PSP *srcpsp, bool createchildpsp)
Bit16u FindFreeFileEntry (void)
void CloseFiles (void)
void SaveVectors (void)
void RestoreVectors (void)
void SetSize (Bit16u size)
Bit16u GetSize (void)
void SetEnvironment (Bit16u envseg)
Bit16u GetEnvironment (void)
Bit16u GetSegment (void)
void SetFileHandle (Bit16u index, Bit8u handle)
Bit8u GetFileHandle (Bit16u index)
void SetParent (Bit16u parent)
Bit16u GetParent (void)
void SetStack (RealPt stackpt)
RealPt GetStack (void)
void SetInt22 (RealPt int22pt)
RealPt GetInt22 (void)
void SetFCB1 (RealPt src)
void SetFCB2 (RealPt src)
void SetCommandTail (RealPt src)
bool SetNumFiles (Bit16u fileNum)
Bit16u FindEntryByHandle (Bit8u handle)

Static Public Attributes

static Bit16u rootpsp = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 358 of file dos_inc.h.

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