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DOS_Shell Class Reference

DOS shell program object. More...

#include <shell.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Run (void)
 Program entry point, when the command is run.
void RunInternal (void)
 Alternate execution if /C switch is given.
void ParseLine (char *line)
 Line parsing function.
Bitu GetRedirection (char *s, char **ifn, char **ofn, bool *append)
 Redirection handling.
void InputCommand (char *line)
 Command line input and keyboard handling.
void ShowPrompt ()
 Render and output command prompt.
void DoCommand (char *cmd)
 Process and execute command (internal or external)
bool Execute (char *name, char *args)
 Execute a command.
bool CheckConfig (char *cmd_in, char *line)
 Checks if it matches a hardware-property.
char * Which (char *name)
 Given a command, look up the path using default paths and the PATH variable.
void CMD_INT2FDBG (char *args)
 INT 2Fh debugging tool.
void CMD_HELP (char *args)
 Online HELP for the shell.
void CMD_CLS (char *args)
 Clear screen (CLS)
void CMD_COPY (char *args)
 File copy command.
void CMD_DATE (char *args)
 Command to set date (DATE)
void CMD_TIME (char *args)
 Command to set time (TIME)
void CMD_DIR (char *args)
 Directory listing (DIR)
void CMD_DELETE (char *args)
 Deletion command (DEL)
void CMD_ECHO (char *args)
 Echo command (ECHO)
void CMD_EXIT (char *args)
 Exit command (EXIT)
void CMD_MKDIR (char *args)
 Directory creation (MKDIR)
void CMD_CHDIR (char *args)
 Change current directory (CD)
void CMD_RMDIR (char *args)
 Directory deletion (RMDIR)
void CMD_SET (char *args)
 Environment variable setting/management (SET)
void CMD_IF (char *args)
 Conditional execution (IF)
void CMD_GOTO (char *args)
 Batch file branching (GOTO)
void CMD_TYPE (char *args)
 Print file to console (TYPE)
void CMD_REM (char *args)
 Human readable comment (REM)
void CMD_RENAME (char *args)
 File rename (REN)
void CMD_CALL (char *args)
 Execute batch file as sub-program (CALL)
void SyntaxError (void)
 Print generic Syntax Error message to console.
void CMD_PAUSE (char *args)
 Pause and wait for user to hit Enter (PAUSE)
void CMD_SUBST (char *args)
 Map drive letter to folder (SUBST)
void CMD_LOADHIGH (char *args)
 Load a program into high memory if possible.
void CMD_CHOICE (char *args)
 Prompt for a choice (CHOICE)
void CMD_ATTRIB (char *args)
 Set file attributes (ATTRIB)
void CMD_PATH (char *args)
 Set PATH variable (PATH)
void CMD_SHIFT (char *args)
 Consume one command line argument (SHIFT)
void CMD_VER (char *args)
 Print DOS version (VER)
void CMD_ADDKEY (char *args)
void CMD_VOL (char *args)
void CMD_PROMPT (char *args)
 Change DOS prompt pattern (PROMPT)
void CMD_LABEL (char *args)
 Change volume label (LABEL)
void CMD_MORE (char *args)
 Text pager (MORE)
void CMD_CTTY (char *args)
 Change TTY (console) device (CTTY)
void CMD_DXCAPTURE (char *args)
void CMD_FOR (char *args)
 Looping execution (FOR)

Public Attributes

Bit16u input_handle
bool echo
 Batch file to execute.
bool exit
bool call
bool input_eof


class AutoexecEditor

Detailed Description

DOS shell program object.

This is the DOS shell, including built-in commands

Definition at line 66 of file shell.h.

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