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FloppyController Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void register_isapnp ()
bool dma_irq_enabled ()
int drive_selected ()
void reset_cmd ()
void reset_res ()
void reset_io ()
void update_ST3 ()
uint8_t fdc_data_read ()
void fdc_data_write (uint8_t b)
void prepare_res_phase (uint8_t len)
void on_dor_change (unsigned char b)
void invalid_command_code ()
void on_fdc_in_command ()
void on_reset ()
 FloppyController (Section *configuration, unsigned char index)
void install_io_port ()
void raise_irq ()
void lower_irq ()

Public Attributes

int IRQ
int DMA
unsigned short base_io
unsigned char interface_index
IO_ReadHandleObject ReadHandler [8]
IO_WriteHandleObject WriteHandler [8]
uint8_t digital_output_register
bool int13fakev86io
bool instant_mode
bool data_register_ready
bool data_read_expected
bool non_dma_mode
bool busy_status
bool positioning [4]
bool irq_pending
bool register_pnp
uint8_t ST [4]
uint8_t current_cylinder [4]
uint8_t in_cmd [16]
uint8_t in_cmd_len
uint8_t in_cmd_pos
uint8_t out_res [16]
uint8_t out_res_len
uint8_t out_res_pos
unsigned int motor_steps
int motor_dir
float fdc_motor_step_delay
bool in_cmd_state
bool out_res_state
FloppyDevicedevice [4]

Detailed Description

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