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IDEATAPICDROMDevice Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 IDEATAPICDROMDevice (IDEController *c, unsigned char drive_index)
virtual void writecommand (uint8_t cmd)
CDROM_InterfacegetMSCDEXDrive ()
void update_from_cdrom ()
virtual Bitu data_read (Bitu iolen)
virtual void data_write (Bitu v, Bitu iolen)
virtual void generate_identify_device ()
virtual void generate_mmc_inquiry ()
virtual void prepare_read (Bitu offset, Bitu size)
virtual void prepare_write (Bitu offset, Bitu size)
virtual void set_sense (unsigned char SK, unsigned char ASC=0, unsigned char ASCQ=0, unsigned int len=0)
virtual bool common_spinup_response (bool trigger, bool wait)
virtual void on_mode_select_io_complete ()
virtual void atapi_io_completion ()
virtual void io_completion ()
virtual void atapi_cmd_completion ()
virtual void on_atapi_busy_time ()
virtual void read_subchannel ()
virtual void play_audio_msf ()
virtual void pause_resume ()
virtual void play_audio10 ()
virtual void mode_sense ()
virtual void read_toc ()

Public Attributes

std::string id_serial
std::string id_firmware_rev
std::string id_model
unsigned char drive_index
bool atapi_to_host
double spinup_time
double spindown_timeout
double cd_insertion_time
Bitu host_maximum_byte_count
std::string id_mmc_vendor_id
std::string id_mmc_product_id
std::string id_mmc_product_rev
Bitu LBA
Bitu TransferLength
int loading_mode
bool has_changed
unsigned char sense [256]
Bitu sense_length
unsigned char atapi_cmd [12]
unsigned char atapi_cmd_i
unsigned char atapi_cmd_total
unsigned char sector [512 *128]
Bitu sector_i
Bitu sector_total

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