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MT32Emu::LA32PartialPair Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  PairType { MASTER, SLAVE }

Public Member Functions

void init (const bool ringModulated, const bool mixed)
void initSynth (const PairType master, const bool sawtoothWaveform, const Bit8u pulseWidth, const Bit8u resonance)
void initPCM (const PairType master, const Bit16s *const pcmWaveAddress, const Bit32u pcmWaveLength, const bool pcmWaveLooped)
void generateNextSample (const PairType master, const Bit32u amp, const Bit16u pitch, const Bit32u cutoff)
Bit16s nextOutSample ()
void deactivate (const PairType master)
bool isActive (const PairType master) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 204 of file LA32WaveGenerator.h.

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