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MT32Emu::ReportHandler Class Reference

Inherited by MidiHandler_mt32::MT32ReportHandler.

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Protected Member Functions

virtual void printDebug (const char *fmt, va_list list)
virtual void onErrorControlROM ()
virtual void onErrorPCMROM ()
virtual void showLCDMessage (const char *message)
virtual void onDeviceReset ()
virtual void onDeviceReconfig ()
virtual void onNewReverbMode (Bit8u)
virtual void onNewReverbTime (Bit8u)
virtual void onNewReverbLevel (Bit8u)
virtual void onPartStateChanged (int, bool)
virtual void onPolyStateChanged (int)
virtual void onPartialStateChanged (int, int, int)
virtual void onProgramChanged (int, char *)


class Synth

Detailed Description

Definition at line 236 of file Synth.h.

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