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MixerChannel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void SetVolume (float _left, float _right)
void SetScale (float f)
void UpdateVolume (void)
void SetLowpassFreq (Bitu _freq, unsigned int order=2)
void SetSlewFreq (Bitu _freq)
void SetFreq (Bitu _freq, Bitu _den=1U)
void Mix (Bitu whole, Bitu frac)
void AddSilence (void)
void EndFrame (Bitu samples)
void lowpassUpdate ()
Bit32s lowpassStep (Bit32s in, const unsigned int iteration, const unsigned int channel)
void lowpassProc (Bit32s ch[2])
template<class Type , bool stereo, bool signeddata, bool nativeorder, bool lowpass>
void loadCurrentSample (Bitu &len, const Type *&data)
template<class Type , bool stereo, bool signeddata, bool nativeorder>
void AddSamples (Bitu len, const Type *data)
double timeSinceLastSample (void)
bool runSampleInterpolation (const Bitu upto)
void updateSlew (void)
void padFillSampleInterpolation (const Bitu upto)
void finishSampleInterpolation (const Bitu upto)
void AddSamples_m8 (Bitu len, const Bit8u *data)
void AddSamples_s8 (Bitu len, const Bit8u *data)
void AddSamples_m8s (Bitu len, const Bit8s *data)
void AddSamples_s8s (Bitu len, const Bit8s *data)
void AddSamples_m16 (Bitu len, const Bit16s *data)
void AddSamples_s16 (Bitu len, const Bit16s *data)
void AddSamples_m16u (Bitu len, const Bit16u *data)
void AddSamples_s16u (Bitu len, const Bit16u *data)
void AddSamples_m32 (Bitu len, const Bit32s *data)
void AddSamples_s32 (Bitu len, const Bit32s *data)
void AddSamples_m16_nonnative (Bitu len, const Bit16s *data)
void AddSamples_s16_nonnative (Bitu len, const Bit16s *data)
void AddSamples_m16u_nonnative (Bitu len, const Bit16u *data)
void AddSamples_s16u_nonnative (Bitu len, const Bit16u *data)
void AddSamples_m32_nonnative (Bitu len, const Bit32s *data)
void AddSamples_s32_nonnative (Bitu len, const Bit32s *data)
void FillUp (void)
void Enable (bool _yesno)
void SaveState (std::ostream &stream)
void LoadState (std::istream &stream)

Public Attributes

MIXER_Handler handler
float volmain [2]
float scale
Bit32s volmul [2]
Bit32s lowpass [LOWPASS_ORDER][2]
Bit32s lowpass_alpha
Bitu lowpass_freq
unsigned int lowpass_order
bool lowpass_on_load
bool lowpass_on_out
unsigned int freq_f
unsigned int freq_fslew
unsigned int freq_nslew
unsigned int freq_nslew_want
unsigned int rendering_to_n
unsigned int rendering_to_d
unsigned int rend_n
unsigned int rend_d
unsigned int freq_n
unsigned int freq_d
unsigned int freq_d_orig
bool current_loaded
Bit32s current [2]
Bit32s last [2]
Bit32s delta [2]
Bit32s max_change
Bit32s msbuffer [2048][2]
Bits last_sample_write
Bitu msbuffer_o
Bitu msbuffer_i
const char * name
bool enabled

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file mixer.h.

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