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WaveformGenerator Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void set_sync_source (WaveformGenerator *)
void set_chip_model (chip_model model)
RESID_INLINE void clock ()
RESID_INLINE void clock (cycle_count delta_t)
RESID_INLINE void synchronize ()
void reset ()
void writeFREQ_LO (reg8)
void writeFREQ_HI (reg8)
void writePW_LO (reg8)
void writePW_HI (reg8)
void writeCONTROL_REG (reg8)
reg8 readOSC ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output ()
void SaveState (std::ostream &stream)
void LoadState (std::istream &stream)

Protected Member Functions

RESID_INLINE reg12 output____ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output___T ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output__S_ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output__ST ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output_P__ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output_P_T ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output_PS_ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 output_PST ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputN___ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputN__T ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputN_S_ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputN_ST ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputNP__ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputNP_T ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputNPS_ ()
RESID_INLINE reg12 outputNPST ()

Protected Attributes

const WaveformGeneratorsync_source
bool msb_rising
reg24 accumulator
reg24 shift_register
reg16 freq
reg12 pw
reg8 waveform
reg8 test
reg8 ring_mod
reg8 sync
reg8 * wave__ST
reg8 * wave_P_T
reg8 * wave_PS_
reg8 * wave_PST

Static Protected Attributes

static reg8 wave6581__ST []
static reg8 wave6581_P_T []
static reg8 wave6581_PS_ []
static reg8 wave6581_PST []
static reg8 wave8580__ST []
static reg8 wave8580_P_T []
static reg8 wave8580_PS_ []
static reg8 wave8580_PST []


class Voice
class SID2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file wave.h.

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