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fatDrive Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 fatDrive (const char *sysFilename, Bit32u bytesector, Bit32u cylsector, Bit32u headscyl, Bit32u cylinders, std::vector< std::string > &options)
 fatDrive (imageDisk *sourceLoadedDisk, std::vector< std::string > &options)
void fatDriveInit (const char *sysFilename, Bit32u bytesector, Bit32u cylsector, Bit32u headscyl, Bit32u cylinders, Bit64u filesize, std::vector< std::string > &options)
virtual bool FileOpen (DOS_File **file, const char *name, Bit32u flags)
virtual bool FileCreate (DOS_File **file, const char *name, Bit16u attributes)
virtual bool FileUnlink (const char *name)
virtual bool RemoveDir (const char *dir)
virtual bool MakeDir (const char *dir)
virtual bool TestDir (const char *dir)
virtual bool FindFirst (const char *_dir, DOS_DTA &dta, bool fcb_findfirst=false)
virtual bool FindNext (DOS_DTA &dta)
virtual bool GetFileAttr (const char *name, Bit16u *attr)
virtual bool Rename (const char *oldname, const char *newname)
virtual bool AllocationInfo (Bit16u *_bytes_sector, Bit8u *_sectors_cluster, Bit16u *_total_clusters, Bit16u *_free_clusters)
virtual bool FileExists (const char *name)
virtual bool FileStat (const char *name, FileStat_Block *const stat_block)
virtual Bit8u GetMediaByte (void)
virtual bool isRemote (void)
virtual bool isRemovable (void)
virtual Bits UnMount (void)
Bit32u getAbsoluteSectFromBytePos (Bit32u startClustNum, Bit32u bytePos)
Bit32u getSectorSize (void)
Bit32u getAbsoluteSectFromChain (Bit32u startClustNum, Bit32u logicalSector)
bool allocateCluster (Bit32u useCluster, Bit32u prevCluster)
Bit32u appendCluster (Bit32u startCluster)
void deleteClustChain (Bit32u startCluster)
Bit32u getFirstFreeClust (void)
bool directoryBrowse (Bit32u dirClustNumber, direntry *useEntry, Bit32s entNum, Bit32s start=0)
bool directoryChange (Bit32u dirClustNumber, direntry *useEntry, Bit32s entNum)
virtual Bit8u Read_AbsoluteSector (Bit32u sectnum, void *data)
virtual Bit8u Write_AbsoluteSector (Bit32u sectnum, void *data)
virtual Bit32u getSectSize (void)

Public Attributes

bool created_successfully
Bit32u sector_size
char srch_dir [CROSS_LEN]
Bit16u bytes_sector
Bit8u sectors_cluster
Bit16u total_clusters
Bit16u free_clusters
Bit8u mediaid


void DOS_Shell::CMD_SUBST (char *args)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file drives.h.

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