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DBOPL::Chip Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

Bit32u ForwardLFO (Bit32u samples)
Bit32u ForwardNoise ()
void WriteBD (Bit8u val)
void WriteReg (Bit32u reg, Bit8u val)
Bit32u WriteAddr (Bit32u port, Bit8u val)
void GenerateBlock2 (Bitu samples, Bit32s *output)
void GenerateBlock3 (Bitu samples, Bit32s *output)
void Generate (Bit32u samples)
void Setup (Bit32u r)

Public Attributes

Bit32u lfoCounter
Bit32u lfoAdd
Bit32u noiseCounter
Bit32u noiseAdd
Bit32u noiseValue
Bit32u freqMul [16]
Bit32u linearRates [76]
Bit32u attackRates [76]
Channel chan [18]
Bit8u reg104
Bit8u reg08
Bit8u reg04
Bit8u regBD
Bit8u vibratoIndex
Bit8u tremoloIndex
Bit8s vibratoSign
Bit8u vibratoShift
Bit8u tremoloValue
Bit8u vibratoStrength
Bit8u tremoloStrength
Bit8u waveFormMask
Bit8s opl3Active

Detailed Description

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