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MT32Emu::ROMInfo Struct Reference

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Public Types

enum  Type { PCM, Control, Reverb }
enum  PairType {
  Full, FirstHalf, SecondHalf, Mux0,

Static Public Member Functions

static const ROMInfogetROMInfo (File *file)
static void freeROMInfo (const ROMInfo *romInfo)
static const ROMInfo ** getROMInfoList (unsigned int types, unsigned int pairTypes)
static void freeROMInfoList (const ROMInfo **romInfos)

Public Attributes

size_t fileSize
const char * sha1Digest
enum MT32Emu::ROMInfo::Type type
const char * shortName
const char * description
enum MT32Emu::ROMInfo::PairType pairType
void * controlROMInfo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file ROMInfo.h.

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