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PC98_GDC_state Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

void reset_fifo (void)
void reset_rfifo (void)
void flush_fifo_old (void)
bool write_fifo (const uint16_t c)
bool write_rfifo (const uint16_t c)
bool write_fifo_command (const unsigned char c)
bool write_fifo_param (const unsigned char c)
bool rfifo_has_content (void)
uint8_t read_status (void)
uint8_t rfifo_read_data (void)
void idle_proc (void)
void force_fifo_complete (void)
void take_cursor_char_setup (unsigned char bi)
void take_cursor_pos (unsigned char bi)
void take_reset_sync_parameters (void)
void cursor_advance (void)
void begin_frame (void)
void next_line (void)
void load_display_partition (void)
void next_display_partition (void)
size_t fifo_can_read (void)
bool fifo_empty (void)
Bit16u read_fifo (void)

Public Attributes

uint8_t cmd_parm_tmp [8]
uint8_t rfifo [PC98_GDC_FIFO_SIZE]
uint8_t rfifo_read
uint8_t rfifo_write
uint16_t fifo [PC98_GDC_FIFO_SIZE]
uint8_t fifo_read
uint8_t fifo_write
uint8_t param_ram [16]
uint8_t param_ram_wptr
uint16_t scan_address
uint8_t row_height
uint8_t row_line
uint8_t display_partition
uint16_t display_partition_rem_lines
uint8_t display_partition_mask
uint16_t active_display_lines
uint16_t active_display_words_per_line
uint16_t display_pitch
uint8_t horizontal_sync_width
uint8_t vertical_sync_width
uint8_t horizontal_front_porch_width
uint8_t horizontal_back_porch_width
uint8_t vertical_front_porch_width
uint8_t vertical_back_porch_width
uint8_t display_mode
uint8_t video_framing
uint8_t current_command
uint8_t proc_step
uint8_t cursor_blink_state
uint8_t cursor_blink_count
uint8_t cursor_blink_rate
bool draw_only_during_retrace
bool dynamic_ram_refresh
bool master_sync
bool display_enable
bool cursor_enable
bool cursor_blink
bool idle
bool doublescan

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file pc98_gdc.h.

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