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Public Attributes
_opl3_chip Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

opl3_channel channel [18]
opl3_slot slot [36]
Bit16u timer
Bit64u eg_timer
Bit8u eg_timerrem
Bit8u eg_state
Bit8u eg_add
Bit8u newm
Bit8u nts
Bit8u rhy
Bit8u vibpos
Bit8u vibshift
Bit8u tremolo
Bit8u tremolopos
Bit8u tremoloshift
Bit32u noise
Bit16s zeromod
Bit32s mixbuff [2]
Bit8u rm_hh_bit2
Bit8u rm_hh_bit3
Bit8u rm_hh_bit7
Bit8u rm_hh_bit8
Bit8u rm_tc_bit3
Bit8u rm_tc_bit5
Bit32s rateratio
Bit32s samplecnt
Bit16s oldsamples [2]
Bit16s samples [2]
Bit64u writebuf_samplecnt
Bit32u writebuf_cur
Bit32u writebuf_last
Bit64u writebuf_lasttime
opl3_writebuf writebuf [OPL_WRITEBUF_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 94 of file nukedopl.h.

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