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Public Attributes
_opl3_slot Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

Bit16s out
Bit16s fbmod
Bit16s * mod
Bit16s prout
Bit16s eg_rout
Bit16s eg_out
Bit8u eg_inc
Bit8u eg_gen
Bit8u eg_rate
Bit8u eg_ksl
Bit8u * trem
Bit8u reg_vib
Bit8u reg_type
Bit8u reg_ksr
Bit8u reg_mult
Bit8u reg_ksl
Bit8u reg_tl
Bit8u reg_ar
Bit8u reg_dr
Bit8u reg_sl
Bit8u reg_rr
Bit8u reg_wf
Bit8u key
Bit32u pg_reset
Bit32u pg_phase
Bit16u pg_phase_out
Bit8u slot_num

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file nukedopl.h.

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