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Public Attributes
_poly_extra_data Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

INT16 ax
INT16 ay
INT32 startr
INT32 startg
INT32 startb
INT32 starta
INT32 startz
INT64 startw
INT32 drdx
INT32 dgdx
INT32 dbdx
INT32 dadx
INT32 dzdx
INT64 dwdx
INT32 drdy
INT32 dgdy
INT32 dbdy
INT32 dady
INT32 dzdy
INT64 dwdy
INT64 starts0
INT64 startt0
INT64 startw0
INT64 ds0dx
INT64 dt0dx
INT64 dw0dx
INT64 ds0dy
INT64 dt0dy
INT64 dw0dy
INT32 lodbase0
INT64 starts1
INT64 startt1
INT64 startw1
INT64 ds1dx
INT64 dt1dx
INT64 dw1dx
INT64 ds1dy
INT64 dt1dy
INT64 dw1dy
INT32 lodbase1
UINT16 dither [16]
Bitu texcount
Bitu r_fbzColorPath
Bitu r_fbzMode
Bitu r_alphaMode
Bitu r_fogMode
INT32 r_textureMode0
INT32 r_textureMode1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 723 of file voodoo_data.h.

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