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Public Attributes
_voodoo_state Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

UINT8 type
UINT8 chipmask
voodoo_reg reg [0x400]
const UINT8 * regaccess
const char *const * regnames
bool alt_regmap
pci_state pci
dac_state dac
fbi_state fbi
tmu_state tmu [MAX_TMU]
tmu_shared_state tmushare
int next_rasterizer
raster_info rasterizer [MAX_RASTERIZERS]
raster_inforaster_hash [RASTER_HASH_SIZE]
bool send_config
UINT32 tmu_config
bool ogl
bool ogl_dimchange
bool clock_enabled
bool output_on
bool active

Detailed Description

Definition at line 768 of file voodoo_data.h.

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