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bx_ne2k_t Struct Reference

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struct  CR_t
struct  DCR_t
struct  IMR_t
struct  ISR_t
struct  RCR_t
struct  RSR_t
struct  TCR_t
struct  TSR_t

Public Member Functions

void register_state (bx_param_c *list_p)

Public Attributes

struct bx_ne2k_t::CR_t CR
struct bx_ne2k_t::ISR_t ISR
struct bx_ne2k_t::IMR_t IMR
struct bx_ne2k_t::DCR_t DCR
struct bx_ne2k_t::TCR_t TCR
struct bx_ne2k_t::TSR_t TSR
struct bx_ne2k_t::RCR_t RCR
struct bx_ne2k_t::RSR_t RSR
Bit16u local_dma
Bit8u page_start
Bit8u page_stop
Bit8u bound_ptr
Bit8u tx_page_start
Bit8u num_coll
Bit16u tx_bytes
Bit8u fifo
Bit16u remote_dma
Bit16u remote_start
Bit16u remote_bytes
Bit8u tallycnt_0
Bit8u tallycnt_1
Bit8u tallycnt_2
Bit8u physaddr [6]
Bit8u curr_page
Bit8u mchash [8]
Bit8u rempkt_ptr
Bit8u localpkt_ptr
Bit16u address_cnt
Bit8u macaddr [32]
Bit8u mem [BX_NE2K_MEMSIZ]
Bit32u base_address
int base_irq
int tx_timer_index
int tx_timer_active

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file ne2000.h.

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