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Public Attributes
stbfile Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int(* getbyte )(struct stbfile *)
unsigned int(* getdata )(struct stbfile *, void *block, unsigned int len)
int(* putbyte )(struct stbfile *, int byte)
unsigned int(* putdata )(struct stbfile *, void *block, unsigned int len)
unsigned int(* size )(struct stbfile *)
unsigned int(* tell )(struct stbfile *)
void(* backpatch )(struct stbfile *, unsigned int tell, void *block, unsigned int len)
void(* close )(struct stbfile *)
FILE * f
unsigned char * buffer
unsigned char * indata
unsigned char * inend
union {
   int   various
   void *   ptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11030 of file stb.h.

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