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DOSBox-X 0.83.25 Release Notes

Release Date: May 1, 2022

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New in This Version

  • XGA: Do not register XGA I/O ports unless emulating S3 chipset (such as machine=svga_s3) (joncampbell123)
  • Menu options “Force scaler” and “Print text screen” can now be assigned to keyboard shortcuts from the Mapper Editor. (Wengier)
  • Allowed to boot from Toshiba DOS image file for the Toshiba J-3100 emulation. (nanshiki)
  • Default S3 machine types now support XGA/SXGA VText in DOS/V, in addition to svga_et4000. (nanshiki)
  • Added “j3100backcolor” and “j300textcolor” config options (in [dosv] section) to specify background and text colors in J-3100 mode. (nanshiki)
  • Added config option “aspect_ratio” (in [render] section) which when set will force the specified aspect ratio (e.g. 16:9 or 3:2) in the aspect ratio correction mode (i.e. aspect=true). A menu group “Aspect ratio” is added to “Video” menu for users to select or set an aspect ratio, including an original ratio option. (Wengier)
  • Added config option “show recorded filename” (in [dosbox] section) which when set to true (default) will show message boxes with recorded filenames when making audio or video captures. (Wengier)
  • Added config option “allow quit after warning” (in [dosbox] section) which when set to false DOSBox-X will disallow the quit option after displaying a warning message. (Wengier)
  • Added config option “turbo last second” (in [cpu] section) which allows to stop the Turbo function after specified number of seconds. (Wengier)
  • Updated FLAC, MP3, and WAV decoder libraries to the latest versions (v0.12.38, v0.6.32, and v0.13.6) respectively; per David Reid). (Wengier)
  • Added support for upper case characters (A-Z) for AUTOTYPE command. (kcgen)
  • Added /T option for CHOICE command to set a default choice as in DOS, e.g. CHOICE /T:Y,3 (Wengier)
  • Added Korean language option in Windows installer. Also, language option page will be shown regardless of the output option selected. (Wengier)
  • Add stub INT 10h handler at F000:F065 if machine=vgaonly and using a VGA ROM BIOS image. The IBM VGA ROM BIOS image points INT 42h at that fixed address and calls it for any function it does not understand. (joncampbell123)
  • Set int33 event status bit 8 when passing absolute mouse coordinates, which is useful in emulation or virtualization environments where the mouse may be integrated with the host cursor. (javispedro)
  • Added support for Pentium Pro hinting NOPs and related multi-byte NOPs. (Jookia)
  • Updated HX DOS Extender to latest version 2.19 for HX-DOS builds. (Wengier)
  • DOSBox-X returns 1 instead of 0 when E_Exit occurs or unit tests fail. (Wengier)
  • Fixed built-in IPX and Modem emulation unavailable in MinGW builds. (Wengier)
  • Fixed -machine command-line option (as listed by “INTRO USAGE” command) not working. (Wengier)
  • Fixed lockup in classic Jumpman. (maron2000)
  • Fixed color in some modes under x86-64 macOS SDL2 builds. (myon98)
  • Fixed extra INT 10h call during BIOS screen. The extra call caused crashes when combined with a ROM image of the stock IBM VGA BIOS. (joncampbell123)
  • Fixed fscale FPU operation and updated FPU status word. Also fixed FPU stack value log messages on x86-based builds. (cimarronm)
  • Fixed bug that OpenGL Voodoo window may not appear correctly if the DOSBox-X window was previously in full-screen mode in some builds. DOSBox-X will now ensure a switch to window mode (or maximized window mode) in this case. Also fixed some menu options including rebooting DOSBox-X while Voodoo emulation is currently active. (Wengier)
  • Fixed crash when switching to dynamic_rec core from menu when dynamic_x86 is also available. Also fixed the dynamic_rec core may not be displayed correctly in the menu when a language file is used. (Wengier)
  • Fixed Windows resource information. (Wengier)
  • Fixed a buffer overflow when launching a program. (Jookia)
  • Fixed bug where DOS IOCTL would call device control channel on devices which did not advertise support for IOCTL. (cimarronm)
  • Clean up of DOS device and attribute flag usage (cimarronm)
  • Integrated commits from mainline (Allofich)
    • Use real pointer with font data for reading characters. Also ignore page number for modes with only one page.
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